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Time Lapse

Gary Shlifer Time Lapse

Clouds During a Wide Range of Weather Conditions

Visual Story Telling Videos - All Video Elements are Available as Stock


I'm available to direct, shoot, produce, or edit professional projects. 

Hire me for your next project. 

Lifestyle, Food, Vignette, Documentary, Feature, TV and Internet Programs, Underwater, Drone. What ever your needs. 

Florida Wildlife

Florida Wildlife Stock Footage - Birds

4K - 1080p Sea Birds, Marine Mammals

Hydroplane Kit Boarding

All Footage is available. Shoot off Lido Key, Florida. 1080p 60 and 120fps. Role: 

Concept, Director, Shoot Edit. Audio is not available.

Breadth of the Sea

Slow Motion footage of waves, clouds, birds in flight and beach. 1080 and 4K.

Set to Radiohead track.

Sights of the Sea

Montage of seabirds, marine mammals, waves, and cinematic underwater slow motion of young girl. 

Again every element available in 1080 and 4K. 

Protect - Save the Seas

As a professional tree-hugger I want people to see the animals we need to protect. Stop the plastic pollution and overfishing.  

Birds, Marine, Mammals, Cloud Time Laps, Mangrove trails. 

Set to Sally Go Round the Sun by Elephant Stone.

Time Lapse Rain and Double Rainbow

Time Lapse Rain and Double Rainbow

Time Lapse Clouds Sarasota Bay

Time Lapse Sarasota Bay

Timelapse Dark Clouds III

Timelapse Dark Clouds III

Timelapse Dark Clouds II

Timelapse Dark Clouds II

Cotton Sky

Stock Footage, Time-lapse, Clouds