Hydrofoil Kite Boarding - Intense

A friend asked that I create a piece for her to show off her expertise. 

Laurel is an instructor and badass of the sea. This is a rough cut.  

All of us should be grateful to Steve Wilson from Porcupine Tree. Harmony Korine sets this piece on fire. 

Sea Doo Sport Boats -Director's Cut

I've shot for SeaDoo a bunch of times. This was a corporate video, but this is MY cut. We had some incredible rigs working on this show. 

Pat Longman brought his Libra Head to fly on the end of a 15 foot Technocrane to be strapped in to the baddest cameraboat there ever was. Gary Lowe's Cat. Cameraboat.com

Thanks go to Radiohead and their track Optimistic. Without their track driving the images, it'd be just another boat video.

Women Underwater - Montage

I cut this montage from bits, slices, pieces of incredibly beautiful women playing to camera.  I shot everything you see. It's my personal cut.