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Gary Shlifer
Director Cameraman

Director of

Video Production - Cameraman  Producer - Editor

Commercials - Music Videos
Features - Documentaries
Corporate - Web Content

25 Years of Experience

The Work

With more than 25 years of production experience as director, director of photography, lighting cameraman, and underwater cameraman I bring a wealth of experience, wisdom and creativity to your project.  I work with you to bring your concept and vision to life, beyond expectations.

Mercury Outboard Motors Commercial.


 My passion is storytelling creating project appropriate images. I have experience working on National Broadcast Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Feature Length Films, Web Content, Themed Attractions, Pick-Up Shots for Features, and Corporate projects.  


 The heart of any successful production is pre-production. Bring me on early to help you work on script, shot list, production management, selection of camera, lighting equipment, crew, wardrobe, make-up and talent. Spending the time in pre-production is vital for achieving project goals and maintaining budget.  

Commercial: Weather Channel

 Director of Photography 


Director - Cameraman

Director of Photography

Music Video: Jorge Moreno - Despertare

 Director - Cameraman 

Commercial: Swimwear

 Director of Photography 

Commercial: Blue Cross

Director of Photography

Commercial: Shark Week

Director of Photography

Corporate - Performance Green Building


Music Video: Gloria Estefan: Mi Buen Amor

Director of Photography

Corporate Promotion Video: Chris Craft

 Director - Cameraman - Editor 

Public Art: Ft. Lauderdale International Airport

Writer - Director/Cameraman - Editor

Music Video: No Justice - Song on the Radio

 Director - Cameraman 

Commercial: Minn Kota

Director of Photography

Water Montage: Swimwear - Glamour - Beauty

Director Cameraman

Director of Photography

Documentary: Swim On

Underwater Cameraman

Director-Cameraman: Dennis Boni

Documentary: Koi Farm in America


Jet Dreams

The classic Personal Watercraft - Jetski film. 

Creator - Director - Cameraman

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Gary Shlifer: Director - Cameraman, Director of Photography

 Feature Films, Documentaries, Commercials, Music Videos, Television, Web Content