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Jet Dreams
25th Anniversary 1990 - 2015

Updated Winter 2016

Get the classic original - Director's Cut - From the Director Gary Shlifer
Jet Dreams was the first PWC Film of its kind.  
Starring the hottest pro riders of the day. 
Before sit-downs... When stand-ups ruled the waves.

Read the article published at PWCToday and Ride PWC
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Read 'A Conversation with the Director of Jet Dreams'.... here.

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Jet Dreams

Jet Dreams

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What People Say about Jet Dreams

I'm honored to actually receive an email from you! I have an original VHS copy of Jet Dreams still, and love to watch it every once in a while. Those were the good old days for stand up PWC, and watching the pros in action was really inspirational to me as a jet ski enthusiast. Thanks for a great film with an outstanding soundtrack!!
It's a timeless gem for me... Marc R. Santa Rosa, CA Jan 2016

I just bought 2 copies today. I am almost 50 and decided to dust off my old 1988 JS550 and get back out there! Even going to enter some IJSBA sanctioned events and your film was then and is now a great motivational piece! Chris T. - Reading, PA 2015

Yeah, I'm an old school standup rider and this movie kicks ass! Thanks, Jetjim May 2015

Fantastic video Gary, remember it like it was yesterday. Grew up in the Midwest on the lakes watching it constantly.  Chris - San Diego - 2015

Thanks Gary! I grew up watchin Jet Dreams! Pretty much watched it everyday as a kid. I even watched it the morning of my wedding! I've showed the video to many people and they love it. Thanks for making the legend!  Jason - Los Angeles - 2015

I can’t wait to see this video again! I was a jet ski racer on late 80’s and when I watched this movie for the very first time I got hooked! I bought the VHS and every weekend, before I went jet skiing with my friends or before a race, I used to watch your movie! It was pure inspiration!!!!
It really brings me great memories!  Rodrigo - São Paulo, Brazil - 2014

Jet Dreams was instrumental in setting the dream, then after having raced the Australian Jet Ski Championship and owned a Jet Ski Hire business both back in the mid to late 90's I have just got back into riding the stand up this month, saw an excerpt of Jet Dreams on YouTube... now can't wait to view it again in entirety and show my mates. - Steve A, Southern Australia -2014

I just watched the video you sent me.  I was a Jet Ski racer from the late 80s through the early 90s.  I was 19 when I started and have to tell you they are among the best memories of my life.  I used to watch Jet Dreams over and over back then.  Harry and Fish were my heroes.  I had posters of them on the wall and would cut up every issue of Splash for cool pictures and put them all over the wall.  Being a FL boy I'd race the Busch World Cup every year and a few stops on the tour.

It really took me back watching the video again.  Thanks for making such an amazing video. Your video just makes me want to ride.  
- Brian,   St. Petersburg, Florida - 2014

I used to watch this film as a kid my local video rental had it and have been a long time jetski lover I can't believe that I found it haven't seen it in years. - Stephen H, Longbeach, CA - 2013

I can hardly wait to receive the video. Thanks for bringing back the old school! - Jason C., Olympia, WA - 2013
Thanks Gary Jet Dreams is awsome! I wish you would produce Jet Dreams 2 ! Nothing beats riding a stand up ski! Kawasaki 550's rule! - Stuart D.,Tampa, Fl. - 2013
I bought my first copy in 1990 and have seen each and every frame in slow motion to copy the tricks!! 
I'm looking forward to getting back into the water with inspiration again from your very well done movie. - Geoff M., Riverside, CA
You surely captured the era for ALL time Gary.... Jet Dreams will go
down in history as the one of the all time great fun Jet Skiing videos - Stefano P., Los Angeles
- 2012
Jet Dreams is the beginning of legends for us. - Karine P, Ft. Lauderdale - 2011

Jet Dreams  Jet Dreams

Jet Dreams Jet Dreams

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